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Unexpected Parenting Challenges

A NESTLE Baby&Me initiative encouraging mums to be real and authentic about their parenting experiences.

Do you think parenting is harder than it looks on social media? What was your unexpected parenting challenge? Did you feel lonely in a hyper-connected world? Did you have lots of unsolicited advice?

Listen to some of the experiences of the mothers we recorded, then Share your parenting story on Facebook and tag @NestleBaby&Me

Loneliness in a hyper-connected world - Atli Motuku

Parenting Guilt - Ronell Moodley

Voice of the Village - Nokubonga Vilakazi

#ParentToParentTalks #NestleBaby&Me #Ogilvy #GatewaySynergy #VideoProduction #WomensMontShare your parenting story on Facebook and tag @NestleBaby

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